Stuck in a SAHM Rut: 5 ways I dug myself out 

As my LO started to grow and reach new milestones each day, I felt like such a proud mom!

At the same time I felt less needed as I chased a crawling baby away from places he didn’t need to be. Looking back I’m not sure how that makes sense. LOL

I also felt so overwhelmed and lonely! My fiancé works long hours and usually 6 days a week. I started to slack on dinner and household chores. There was a point where my fiancé felt like I did nothing around the house, and he was right! He’s not that guy that puts stay at home moms down for “doing nothing”. I actually was doing nothing besides binging Hulu and Netflix.

We recently moved to a new house and my main goal was to give myself some purpose, and keep our home picked up of all toys and whatnot. It’s been a few months now and I’ve managed to keep my goals and exceed them! Now we have more time together on fiancé’s days off, we both feel a lot more relaxed when he gets home at night, and my LO is learning what chores are and how to do them! Seriously, I caught a video of him emptying the dryer!!! #momwin ☺️

Here are 5 ways I turned a new leaf:

  1. Get on a schedule – not like on your kids schedule but on a chores schedule. I looked up “ways to be clean” on Pinterest and found so many ideas!! For example, empty dishwasher in the am/run at night and Pick up toys at nap & bedtime. Also: the one touch rule has helped us stay tidy!!
  2. Pre-plan meals – This will make your life so much easier and less stressful! Seriously, you know what to buy at the grocery store, you know if you need to thaw anything, and you don’t repeat meals too often.
  3. Get a hobby – it can be anything! I always wanted to start a blog…so here I am!!
  4. Play dates – trust me, I know how hard it is to make mom friends! I’m sort of a young mom, none of my besties have kids or are even close to having kids. But I do have cousin that is practically my sister close, so we try to meet up once a week. One idea is going to your city’s library, it’s free with an ID and great to get out of the house. Now that it’s spring find a park!
  5. Put on real clothes – I noticed that when I stayed in my pjs, I stayed on the couch. Thank goodness activewear is having a moment bc I’m all about it!! Leggings and tennis shoes make all the difference and are just as comfy. I also tend to put on jeans and a cute top when running errands. When you look good you feel good!!

As always, GOOD LUCK MOMMA!! You got this!!


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