How To Turn Any Purse In to A Diaper Bag

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE a good diaper bag. Especially when we are traveling. SO.MUCH.ROOM.

Yet, as a self proclaimed fashionista, I didn’t want to have to  give up my love for handbags just because I had to tote around a “diaper bag” with a new baby. My mom had just got me the cutest Michael Kors tote bag and I really, really wanted to be ably to carry it still!

Obviously, I have to buy bigger bags. I’m A-OK with this, because a diaper bag would be just as big. The bonus is that I get to change my bag with my mood, as I did before baby.

Do you want to know my secret?!

Buy an INSERT!!

I found this one on Amazon for $0.98. SERIOUSLY?!!


I know you’re probably wondering…Yes, it has enough room. I manage to fit Diapers, Wipes, a change of clothes/bibs, snacks, lipstick, a sippy cup, wallet, sunglasses…you get the idea. There are so many pockets, I end up carrying way more than I probably should. But what can I say? #momlife #momproblems

I love that it keeps me organized as well, otherwise I would probably be stuck in a parking lot somewhere still looking for my keys at the bottom of my bag.

I try to keep anything that is wet or can create a mess in the middle of the pouch. Because it is polyester, it will catch the mess without leaking onto my purse or any other item in my bag. I had to learn this trick the hard way.

Anywhoo because this post was so quick and simple, I linked a few tote bags that I had seen while shopping online & of course I’m lusting after but haven’t gotten around to buying. Click the small pic to Shop!!spring totes


Happy Monday + Happy Shopping!!

IMG_1189 (2)


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