Fix Postpartum Beauty Issues in 4 Steps

I was one of those few people who made it through pregnancy with glowing skin, stronger nails, and hair that grew at least 10 inches! Post pregnancy wasn’t so glamorous though… I started breaking out and my skin started to get extra dry. THEN I started losing hair after I chopped it off (long story, but take my advice…don’t do it until you’ve really had time to think about it!!)

There are 3 steps I took to help me. (Besides drinking water) Some good, some terrible! But as all things with pregnancy/motherhood, it passes. Then we look back and think of things we could change and some that we will keep doing because they SERIOUSLY HELPED!

STEP 1: Keep taking those prenatals!! This is so important to stop the hair loss and keep you energized whether you’re breastfeeding or not. Not to mention it helped keep my nails strong as well as bringing some life back into my skin. Now that I’m a year PP, I have started taking keratin vitamins that I picked up at target.

Β Don’t skip your daily skincare routine! When my son was in his newborn stage I was hardly ever wearing makeup so I figured it would be ok if I skipped my daily face wash and moisturizing routine… Man was I wrong!! I know better, but I guess the no sleep thing was just getting to me. First, even though you are not wearing makeup there are so many toxins that get into our pores daily. Second, hormones. Just… hormones. I really think skipping my daily face wash is one reason I broke out so bad! So when I finally started my skincare routine again, I did it in the morning since I was waking up at all hours of the night. A quick face wash, moisturizer, and facial spray helped me feel refreshed first thing in the morning.

Use a scar fader and body oil to diminish the look of stretch marks! Ok so during pregnancy I used Mountain Ocean Mother’s Special Blend All Natural Skin Toning Oil, 8-Ounce
after every shower to keep my baby bump moisturized. This also helped prevent any marks from popping up. After baby was born I just wanted any and all marks gone ASAP! So I used a scar fader Stri-Vectin SD Intensive Concentrate For Stretch Marks & Wrinkles 2 oz
I usually applied when I washed my face. If I felt like my skin was dry at any point throughout the day, I simply applied again. Now, I know stretch marks are hereditary so for some women they are inevitable, but this can definitely help prevent and diminish them as much as possible!

Β Put on a face mask! This is optional but highly recommended. I know that during this period it can feel overwhelming and the last thing on your mind is having a skincare routine. But take 5 minutes for yourself momma, and it can help you relax a little. Now, I wasn’t used to having so many breakouts and I over exfoliated which lead to more breakouts πŸ˜– DONT DO THAT! I would recommend having several face masks in rotation to help with exfoliating, hydrating, and eye masks. You really only have to do each one once a week and this simple step helped me feel pampered even if I was just pampering myself! I know what you’re thinking… “WHO HAS TIME FOR THAT?!” My answer is “YOU DO! Nap time!” Throw on a mask do what you gotta do for 20 min and rinse off. Helpful hint: most hydrating masks you dont even have to rinse off, you can sleep in them!

As always, GOOD LUCK MOMMA!! You got this!!

LOL! I made Josh join the fun!


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