DIY Etched Glass | Groomsmen Gifts

So as you all know, I am in full on wedding mode. We’re now only 8 days out!!

I’ve been loving how all my crafts have turned out. Including these etched glasses.

Who knew etching glass was so easy?!

The best advice I can give you is PRACTICE. ugh, I know…the lady at Michael’s told me the same thing and I didn’t listen. 2 glasses later I finally got it right.

Luckily, we bought the beer glasses at DollarTree (aka my 2nd home) so I wasn’t too mad about it. I’m thinking a little spray paint and silk flowers will fix those right up. 

I ordered some other stencils on Amazon that were “etched glass stencils”. FML they were so tiny and they were the kind you have to place then rub on. I literally tried one and went straight to Michael’s. womp, womp. 

Martha Stewart is a crafting genius. So, when I found these adhesive stencils I knew they were worth the extra money. BONUS: they’re reusable. The stickiness does wear off, but masking tape (or painters tape) solved that little dilemma.

Anywhooo, I really hope this video helps you out! 

What you’ll need: 

Good Luck!! 

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