Buying Lashes on AMAZON?! READ THIS FIRST!! 

This may surprise a lot of you, but I’m fairly new to using falsies. I really have a bitter-sweet feeling about falsies. Mostly sweet. The only bitter is that now when I don’t have them on, my face feels naked.

I guess we all have that one makeup product we cannot leave the house with out. Well, now mine is lashes.

My first experience with falsies was lash extensions. Have you ever had lash extensions? If you have, you know that they make your real lashes fall out too. Because all of my real lashes fell out, I turned to lash strips.


I was buying the bulk Ardell packages from Sally’s and as I was learning, I kept ruining unused lashes! It was frustrating spending so much on lashes, not even wearing them and  having to trash them!

I knew there had to be some better and less expensive options. So, as an avid online shopper, I turned to trusty!

In this post I will review the lashes that I purchased. If you like the lash, simply click the pic to shop. *Does a happy dance*

First, I want to stress the importance of READING THE REVIEWS. If the item has customer pictures, even better!!

I am starting with my most recent purchases and working my way to the oldest. No particular reason, other than that’s how Amazon pulled up my order history and how I happened to copy/paste.

These Moon Princess lashes claim to be “Mink Hair” I’ve never personally had mink hair lashes, so I honestly couldn’t tell you if they were or not. (Sorry!) BUT they are the most soft pair that I have ever bought and used. Ardell’s included. They are soft, the band is flexible, they are natural enough to wear during the day, blended well with my real lashes, and were comfortable. I did have to trim the lash, which is good so I know it will fit many eye shapes. The price is good (around $8) for “mink” but the shipping, although free, did take a hot minute. I’ve only worn these 1 time. (but plan on wearing again)  

I wanted to buy the Flawless Fleur lashes whose advertisements kept popping up on my Facebook, but when I went to purchase they wanted to charge me something like $10 for shipping. Sorry, I don’t play that.

THESE LASHES ARE 5 for $1!!!!

Sometimes, the price drops below that. I’m not even kidding. I’ve already bought 2 packs. They ship pretty fast too, being that they are coming from Asia. The lashes are pretty long… as in I had to cut off quite a bit of the end to fit my eye. (Again, this is awesome because they will DEFINITELY fit more eye shapes) The actual lash length wasn’t as long as I expected. That’s perfectly fine by me because I wear falsies everywhere (yes even the grocery store) Natural ones are a necessity. I do have to curl the lash a bit after I apply because the inner corners are pretty straight on me. But for 5 for $1, I don’t mind a little extra work. They are also very flexible and easily applied as well as comfortable. Wore 1-2 times.  

I got 12 lashes for about $17 soooo that’s close to $1.50 per pair. Let me start off by saying that these lashes are beautiful!! I hate to love these lashes! The band is such a pain. It is stiff and very hard to work with. Sometimes I have to remove the entire lash just to reapply because my inner corner unglued itself. But they are so pretty and I have so many, I haven’t given up. I still try to wear them with little luck. Wore 1-3 times. 

The Christina lashes were the ones that I perfected my lash game on. So, I have a lot of love for these lashes. Honestly, the #WSP were meh. Not astounded by the product but I’m not hating either. The inner corner was a a little poky, the length is really long. #43 are very long dense and dramatic. I wore these lashes for my engagement photo session. The band on both was easy to work with and blended well it also was long enough that I had to trim. Still, I’m not sure that I will buy again. These lashes are great for people who really want loooooong lashes. My eyebrow is very close to my eye and when I wore these lashes, it felt as though the lash was covering my brow. (I did trim them down) Wore 1-3 times. 

So, there is my review on these lashes! Hope you enjoyed. If you’re a beginner don’t get frustrated learning. As with most things, the application takes loads of practice! Watch some how to videos, and keep practicing! I highly recommend at least getting the $1 lashes, so if you mess up, you won’t kick yourself for having to throw them away.

OH and the Carly Bybel lash video is a good one to watch because she shows you how to clean. 🙂

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